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Suzuki Anne

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This is a community for one of the most promising young japanese actresses
♥ Suzuki Anne ♥

Snow Falling on Cedars (1999)
Juvenile (2000)
Pokémon 2001 (2001)
Returner (2002)
Blue Light, The (2003)
Moon Child (2003)
Hana and Alice (2004)
Steamboy (2004)
Initial D (2005)

Kindaichi shonen no jikenbo 2 (1996)
Aoi Tori (1997)
Gift (1997)
Akimahende! (1998)
Yonigeya honpo (1999)
Kamisama no itazura (2000)
Kindaichi Shonen no Jikembo 3 (2001)
Stand Up!! (2003)
Ganbatte Ikimasshoi (2005)

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The scan for the layout is taken from suzukianne.net

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As of 2007... [08 Jun 2007|03:39am]

[ mood | enthralled ]

..Suzuki Anne has grown up to be quite the lady!
She was on Arashi no Shukudaikun as a guest recently, 2007.05.28 to be exact, and I was just in awe. She looked absolutely stunning! Her haircut is probably the most flattering cut I've seen on her. And her dress was cute and her shoes were amazing - although I didn't get a screepcap of them :[

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More screencaps here - just as huge.Collapse )

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Potato June 2005 [02 Oct 2006|06:08am]

back in time ^^

a really adult shoot this time

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Potato June 2006 [11 Jun 2006|12:03am]


i saw her acting so many times with Johnny's boys that i've ended liking her a lot ^^
here i've scanned my mag, enjoy !


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o hisashiburi [09 Mar 2006|10:44pm]
I guess that all of you have noticed that this community had become kinda silent in the last couple of month.
And I've been a really terrible mod. The reason for that is that since Sept.05 I am living in Tokyo as an au-pair and thus could not keep up with my i-net life anymore.
Actually you should think that once you are here in Japan you get infos a lot earlier, but actually without i-net you're lost. It's all about the right media ^^;

Anyways, I'm glad that people still contribute. Thank you everybody!
As I am not able to contribute on a regular basis at the moment I was thinking it might be a good idea to find a co-mod who would help me to keep the community up to date.
If anybody would be interested, please contact me :)
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[19 Feb 2006|07:23pm]

Is everyone still here?

Anyway, a friend of mine asked me to scans her old magazines and I found some Anne's pic in Potato 11-2004 and 8-2004. so I thought why not share it?

scansCollapse )

Can anyone tell me if there's any new project of Anne? Movies or doramas?
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[15 Feb 2006|12:39pm]

The rest of the captures from the stand up special the last minutes with photos^^v, (I posted the others some days ago xD) ....

Also.. PLEASE!! NOT HOTLINKING!!1.. (and to the person/people who are hotlinking, please, stop right away... THANKS! ) .... bandwidth is precious.

Bakas ahead.. ^_^vCollapse )

I uploaded this special to CLUBBOX....


don't ask me for upload it to YSI/Megaupload .. I won't.. the file is too big (700 MB aprox. ). and my upload speed sucks..  I won't do it. that's it.. ask and maybe somebody who downloaded from clubbox is willing to upload it to other places...

For the people who asked.. GO ahead and use the captures ^_^v, I don't mid... Credit will be appreciated ( since I captured and had my time selecting captures, uploading and sharing) but it isn't important or necessary ^_^v



(x-posted to the same palces as before.. sorry if you are in all places like me-_-; ) xDDD
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[07 Feb 2006|06:42pm]


I made captures of a Stand Up!! special I downloaded some time ago...

At the en of the special there are some minutes with pics, of after another, and that's what I captured.

The pics will be posted in two posts ... (there is a total of 182 pics/captures, half of it in this post.. XD)


Shun, Nari, Taka, Pi, Nino and AnneCollapse )

More tomorrow or later.. or when I feel like it :p XD

And now... I will xpost this in : oguri_shun , hiroki_narimiya , johnnys_ent , suzuki_anne  and tsukamoto_

(;_;! sorry, but don't blame me, blame the person who choose the cast for Stand Up!! for  put all these guys (and girl ) together in one dorama XDD... REally,  sorry for spam you lj friends page if you are in all of this communities ;_;! ) )

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