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I made captures of a Stand Up!! special I downloaded some time ago...

At the en of the special there are some minutes with pics, of after another, and that's what I captured.

The pics will be posted in two posts ... (there is a total of 182 pics/captures, half of it in this post.. XD)


Click on the pic for bigger version ^^v



More tomorrow or later.. or when I feel like it :p XD

And now... I will xpost this in : oguri_shun , hiroki_narimiya , johnnys_ent , suzuki_anne  and tsukamoto_

(;_;! sorry, but don't blame me, blame the person who choose the cast for Stand Up!! for  put all these guys (and girl ) together in one dorama XDD... REally,  sorry for spam you lj friends page if you are in all of this communities ;_;! ) )
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