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The rest of the captures from the stand up special the last minutes with photos^^v, (I posted the others some days ago xD) ....

Also.. PLEASE!! NOT HOTLINKING!!1.. (and to the person/people who are hotlinking, please, stop right away... THANKS! ) .... bandwidth is precious.






My comments..

~ Shun likes eat others people heads... first Pi (which I understand , totally... xDD ) and then Nino .. XD ...
~ There is a pic in which Pi is touching Nari ass... *laughs* 

And the conclusion:

~ This 5 boys and girl are a big Bakas^_^v ... (and that's one of the reasons why I love them xDD )

I uploaded this special to CLUBBOX....


don't ask me for upload it to YSI/Megaupload .. I won't.. the file is too big (700 MB aprox. ). and my upload speed sucks..  I won't do it. that's it.. ask and maybe somebody who downloaded from clubbox is willing to upload it to other places...

For the people who asked.. GO ahead and use the captures ^_^v, I don't mid... Credit will be appreciated ( since I captured and had my time selecting captures, uploading and sharing) but it isn't important or necessary ^_^v



(x-posted to the same palces as before.. sorry if you are in all places like me-_-; ) xDDD
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